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Detox & Release Ionic Foot Ritual

Detox & Release Ionic Foot Ritual

In the Detox & Release Ionic Foot Ritual you will soak your feet in our state-of-the-art ionic foot bath copper basins. The ionizer will work its magic, using negative ions to draw out impurities from your body through the soles of your feet.

The ion cleanse machine generates a bio-energetic field that stimulates the body's energy meridians, promoting a balanced flow of energy and enhancing your natural detoxification process.

This treatment helps to counteract the harmful effects of our modern lifestyles, which often lead to a buildup of toxins in the body. The Detox and Release Ionic Foot Ritual targets these toxins, promoting a healthier body and mind. By eliminating toxins, you may experience benefits such as increased energy levels, improved sleep, reduced pain and inflammation, and a strengthened immune system.

Take time for deeper self-care by opting for an indulgent aromatic essential oil lotion and foot rub to help lock in the bodies natural moisture or go even further and allow our experienced practitioners
to treat your feet to the additional pampering of a salt scrub to exfoliate the skin as well as a hot towel wrap followed by the aromatic essential oil lotion and rub. 

Unlock your body's natural healing abilities and indulge in the ultimate detoxifying experience.


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