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Shamanic Soul Session and Ancestral Healing

Shamanic Soul Session and Ancestral Healing

These sessions work a lot like the directions I call in to create a sacred space.

First we will call in the wisdom of Sachamama the great serpent which will come to teach you how to shed the past. The goal is to shed the past like a snake sheds it's skin... all at once. We will cut cords to people, places and things that have become toxic or are draining you of your vital life force energy. We will look at where you are reacting like a snake...without a lot of perspective and help you find the source of the trigger and shut it down.

Then we will call in the jaguar to help find what is hidden and buried within your cellular memories, your DNA, your ancestral lineage and you soul contracts. We will work to shut down these outdated programs and to install new programs that support you ascension and higher self.

Then we will call in the hummingbird to help you find the sweet nectar of this life and discover what is truly your epic journey.. your souls journey for this lifetime. We will look at how you fill your cup and if you fill your cup enough to actually fulfill your divine mission.

Lastly, we will call in the Eagle to help you take flight and soar wing tip to wing tip with the great spirit. To rise above the storms of your life and see you life with vision and clarity.  

These private sessions are designed to bring forth your individual essence and activate your unique gifts.

We will attempt to get through as many of these directions as we can but this work is powerful and is best done in a series of 4, 8, or 12 session commitment.  

Within these sessions You will learn how to open your channel, get out of the way and work with your ‘team’.  You’ll  learn to crystalline your body, effortlessly transmute heavy energies and Anchor your light to transform your life and your relationships to those around you.

You will access powerful technologies, Ancestral codes and lineage, Cosmic wisdom and YOUR Ancient skills of Alchemy and Magic to facilitate pristine and transformational spaces where you won’t lose your energy or feel overwhelmed or out of your depth.

You will feel solid, centred, powerful and full of vitality and freedom.

We are here to be IN-JOY! And remember our true divine nature as LIMITLESS LOVE. We are not meant to be tired, exhausted or operating out of fear.

That is part of an old and outdated programme that never belonged to us in the first place.

YOU are here to be in Sacred Service. That doesn’t mean a role that you play - that means how conscious you are with receiving and directing the flow of energy.

How resilient you are.

How powerfully you Anchor the Light.

Then your Service, your ability to manifest, your absolute JOY for life and your vitality goes next level.

An alchemist, priestess, wizard, sage and elder lives in all of us.

Let’s seek them out and activate their Powerful gifts. Together.

Embrace Your Journey

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