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Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

CACAO is known to the Ancient Mayan culture as the 'Food of the Gods'. The active constituent in Cacao is called theobromine, and it also literally translates to the same ‘Food of the Gods’ in Ancient Latin.

It has been used for thousands of years in Ceremony and Ritual as a way of Connecting to the Sacred Plant Spirit of the Cacao, a higher source that can give us a greater perspective on life and help us to see our way creatively through challenges and change. During Sacred Chocolate 

Ceremonies work with Cacao as in integrative practice and to invite in more Joy and Celebration to our lives.

Cacao is much more than just chocolate as we know it. It's one of the highest natural sources of calcium and magnesium in perfect ratios that are fully absorbable by the body. It also has a type of amino acid called PEA that is a pre-cursor to the happy brain chemical - serotonin.

Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremonies takes us on a very deep and transformational Shamanic journey through the directions of the Ancient Chakana Medicine wheel, and through the 3 worlds of existence as they are known in the Andean Cosmology. The Inner world, The Physical world and the Upper world. Each direction reflecting the different aspects of our lives.

These worlds represent our psyches and while there is no one more important of the other, when all are integrated as one, we begin to truly realize our fullest potential.

With focused intention and awareness in Ceremony, working with the Spirit of Maestra Cacao as our ally, we can consciously explore our inner world, so that we are able to reach and access deep healing, revelation, integration and lasting transformation. At the same time remembering who we really are by returning to our purest essence. Tapping into that abounding and limitless source of joy and bliss that is our true nature and resides within us all!

We are merging Ancient Wisdom with our Modern Age.


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